Websites - WP, HTML, CSS Javascript etc..

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My first live website was published 2010, and it is still one of my main hobbies.

GimleAB .se was published mid-2017. The website is built in HTML & CSS using the Bootstrap framework.

GimleFX .se was published mid-2017. The website is built in HTML & CSS using the Bootstrap framework.

Lommagarage .se was published early in 2017. The website is a single page website with all necessary information about Lomma Garage. As usual, I'm aiming for simplicity in my web design. The website is written in HTML/CSS using the Bootstrap framework.

BusinessNav .se is a website built using WordPress.

Presentation about me

This website is built using HTML, CSS and some PHP. The assignment was to create a website presentig yourself. The website is at the moment hosted by LTU, Luleå Tekniska Universitet.

bs-simple-login .git

This a simple responsive login layout written in HTML/CSS using the Bootstrap framework.

Diskservice .se was up and running 2013 and I created it using WordPress. The layout is created with "clean and simlicity" in mind.

GimleAB .se (Old version) is a responsive website splitted in two section, Gimle Education and Gimle FX. It's built with one WP installation but separated with two different menues. The layout created with "content" first and less scroll in mind.

Hårwax .nu

Hå was an e-commerce where I sold hair wax for a while. The project started as a blog where I tried out SEO, search engine optimization. My goal was to reach number 1 in the Google rank when people googled "Hårvax" (hair wax). I succeeded for a while. When I turned 18, I relaunched the website to a webshop, started my own company and started to sell hair products for men.

Körkortstuben .se

Körkortstuben was an android/IOS app started by me and my dear friend Didrik Ekstrand. The idea was to record when we did tutorials on how to drive. The app was up and running on both Google Play and IOS app-store.

Utvecklandesamverkan .se

I made for a project, hosted by Skurups kommun. Utvecklandesamverkan is a platform where students and local compnies has the chance to meet.

Lommafiskvagn .se was made with simplicity in mind. It's a simple page where customers can find out opening hours and the route.

Lommatf .se

I created this website for my Tennis club, Lomma Tennisförening. The website is used by the club to communicate to it's members.

Kaffehuset - En prototyp

Kaffehuset is a prototype made by me. I love working with transparency and wanted to create a unique website.